Born in Italy

Fabio Nova was born in Milan and thanks to his passion for photography, he left the university to start traveling the world with humanitarian organizations.

During this time he discovered that photography had become more than a passion for him and he decided to become more technically adept and completed a four-year program and various international master degree programs.

In the eighties he started his professional life and served on several Italian and international magazine editorial boards without ever losing sight of photography experimentation and research, vital components of his professional growth. At the end of the decade he began a collaboration with various advertising and public relations agencies and to create national and international ad campaigns for brands such as Lacoste, Adidas, Sergio Tacchini, Wrangler and others. At the same time he completed numerous photo shoots of celebrated  singers and stage performers, an experience he found very stimulating for his personal growth.

At the end of the nineties, Nova collaborated in writing the film Tre Storie (Three Stories) produced by Ermanno Olmi and RaiUno, directed by Piergiorgio Gay and Roberto Sanpietro and interpreted by Roberto Sanpietro himself and Sandra Ceccarelli.

In November 2001, sponsored by the municipality of Milan and UNICEF installed, at the Palazzo Arengario in Milan, an exhibition consisting of 150 gigantic photographs from his personal collection entitled “A look at the world of children” with the objective to sensitize viewers to the conditions in which children live worldwide and to remind them of the rights of children sanctioned by the United Nations convention signed in New York in 1999.

The photographic series Women is enriched and enhanced by colored marble frames, shaped and designed by an artist in Brazil.

These underscore the attention that Fabio Nova has dedicated to the stones, eternal, precious, and forever shaped by the hands of man.