Daniel Genovesi was born in Mendoza, Argentina.
With an Architecture Degree, he moved to the United States to study Graphic and Industrial Design and Audiovisual Arts, forging the basis of the multidisciplinary artist he is today, or as he prefers to define “a professional dedicated to art”.

Daniel Genovesi has worked as an Art Director, Creative Director and Audio Visual Consultant for different companies of the more than 8 countries where he has lived the last 20 years. The close relationship with the great cities of the world is reflected on his creations, so it is characteristic of his drawings and graphics, lights, buildings, highways and streets to list some of his identity marks.
Furthermore, we can emphasize 3 elements which are always present in a work of Genovesi and have a very personal symbolic meaning for the artist: the white color, the color of the soul; the ladder, referring to an attitude towards the day, giving idea of progress, of improvement; and the circle representing unity and alludes to the family.
In 2014, back in Argentina, he opened his first Atelier Gallery in the art distric of Palermo, Buenos Aires. His main motivation when designing this project was to create an eclectic space where people have access to the artist and his work in an authentic and personal way. In addition to his art drawing table, the place houses pieces of his most recent collections and objects intervened with art.
This tireless creator of invented worlds with great handling of different techniques; and Basquiat, Picasso, Pollock and Modigliani as benchmarks, presents each year, different series of his collections under the Abstract and Figurative expressionism..
He has participated in numerous collective and individual, national and international exhibitions and his works are in private collections in different countries.