The Unicorn Gallery is directed by Anna Gnocchi (born in Milan, graduated in Marketing and Communication, specialized in luxury goods and Made in Italy, Professor of Marketing and Communication) to give artists the opportunity to enter the global art market according to the principle that all artists should receive the benefits from having their works promoted by a professional gallery.

With representative offices in Miami, Buenos Aires and Milan The Unicorn Gallery presents the genius and the work of emerging and established artists to art lovers who want to find and buy original works.

Artist promotion

With many years of experience in the world of art and communication, The Unicorn gallery offers artists the opportunity to present their work to a wide range of art collectors and buyers from all around the world. The Unicorn Gallery welcomes presentations of portfolios of talented contemporary artists, and their agents, at all levels of their career .

The portfolios are evaluated directly by Anna Gnocchi, director of the gallery, who, thanks to an extensive knowledge of the artistic market in Miami, Buenos Aires and Milan will bring benefits to all the artists who wish to move forward with their career and gain important knowledge inside the artistic market.


The Unicorn Gallery



Anna Gnocchi – Director

Graduated in Marketing and Communication, specialized in luxury goods and Made in Italy.

Professor of Marketing and Communication

She lives between Italy, USA, Argentina and Uruguay and realizes continuous trips in search of new markets for the artists she represents.


Francesca Fiornovelli – Director Assistant Miami


Lodovica Gnocchi – Director Assistant Buenos Aires


Catherine Rodgers – Director Assistant Milano